Weekly Activity Summary

Hello, fans and members of Seascape! We’re already halfway down September and I am having a good time. I hope you are too?

For weeks now we’ve been caught in awe at all the wonders going on at Moonbeam. Matter of factly, this month has featured one of the best sets of activities. Notwithstanding, today let’s see what has happened over the week.


So far, we’ve had:

  • $CWS on Moonriver
  • Launch of NFT Brawl S1 on Moonriver
  • Launch of Profit Circus S2 on Moonriver
  • Launch Seascape’s Beta Marketplace
  • Team-up with Solarbeam

Crowns token on Moonriver

Seascape $CWS is now available on Moonriver. With the help of meter.io fans of Seascape can now bridge their $CWS tokens from ETH to Moonriver. Some would wonder if it’s possible. Well, here we are.

About Meter

Meter is a high-performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

To bridge your $CWS, here’s what you need to do.

  • Follow the link
  • Open the link in your Metamask. Metamask is Seascape’s preferred wallet, howbeit, it works the same for other wallets.
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select the blockchain you want to transfer from the list
  • And choose the blockchain you want to transfer to from the list
  • Start transfer

NFT Brawl S1 on Moonriver

NFT Brawl is Seascape’s second DeFi game. It allows users to earn fresh and newly minted NFTs called Scapes by staking and playing. In NFT Brawl, players use Crowns to get NFTs whose rarity is in proportion to the number of Crowns staked. These NFTs are referred to as Scapes and can be collected and traded on various DEXes.

After the conclusion of Profit Circus S1 on MoonRiver, Seascape released its thriller play-to-earn game NFT Brawl. The game was launched on September 14th. If you’re a fan of Seascape, you should know this series is all about NFTs.

Just like in other seasons of NFT Brawl which featured on ETH and BSC, Moonriver will feature all the eight favorite scape characters. All Scapes in this season are Gen 0 scapes and you know what that means.😊😊

Being financial assets, these NFTs can fetch you cool rewards. Get ready to experience the true power of DeFi. Join others now to play. Stake crowns to earn Gen. 0 scapes.

Profit Circus S2 on Moonriver

Profit Circus is the first DeFi game of the Seascape Network. In the Profit Circus, users stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns, proportionate to the amount staked over the period. The game originally was launched on ETH then later on BSC. Now made available as well on Moonbeam’s companion network, Moonriver.

Profit Circus being Seascape’s first DeFi game was the first to launch on Moonriver and its first season lasted a period of 14days. It gave out 1000 MOVR rewards.

The unique thing about this release was its mouth-watering offers. First, giving out rare tokens and also allowing users to earn Gen. 0 scapes.

Currently, Profit Circus is running its second season on Moonriver and it offers plenteous rewards. The season offers 30k CWS in rewards. Additional incentives for you, as all minted scapes in the season, are rare Gen. 1 scapes.

Bonus: After staking for 24 hours, users get a free common scape straight to their wallet.

Rebrand of Seascape’s Marketplace

Seascape’s marketplace is up and it’s running. It featured the sales of Seascape NFTs earlier this month on its launch and now, it offers more.

Scapestore is an online marketplace on the blockchain unique to the Seascape Network. Members and users of the Seascape Network can visit the online store to buy Seascape’s exclusive NFTs.

New features have been added to Scapestore for a better user experience

What have been added:

  • The UI flow has been enhanced
  • Scape price is now visible from the marketplace
  • Mobile version added
  • Wallet connect support added
  • Filters have been improved

Asides from these, there are other recorded successes that cut across other areas, but one I won’t fail to mention is Solarbeam.

Seascape X Solarbeam

Seascape has teamed up with Solarbeam to bring its fans and community more ways to earn.

Solarbeam is a DEX on Moonriver which harnesses the power of the Moonriver parachain to provide a safe and smooth experience.

On Solarbeam, users currently have three (3) ways to earn — three separate RIB pools, that each offer something a little different. You can head over to their farms to stake your way into some mega earning action.

The three (3) ways involve Seascape’s original Riverboat (RIB) token. RIB tokens are the first ERC-20 token deployed on Kusama and will have uses both in gaming and within the NFT economies throughout the Seascape Network. To partake in their farms click here.

Get more updates by joining Seascape’s community using the links below:

Website: www.seascape.network
Twitter: twitter.com/seascapenetwork
Discord: discord.io/SeascapeNetwork
Telegram: t.me/seascapenetwork
LinkedIn: bit.ly/2Km66f4
Reddit: bit.ly/2KiZb6d




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Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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