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5 min readJan 15, 2022

We started the new year with such a grand entrance. A lot of exciting activities were brought forward from last year and it’s best we talk about them, lest you miss out on this good stuff.

Currently, there are amazing activities on the network that can fetch you mouth-watering rewards and you dare not miss. So we will get to look at each one of them.

  • Riverboat NFTs
  • Wichita Sale
  • MSCP Staking Pools
  • Special Season Staking Saloon
  • NFT Brawl

Riverboat NFTs

If you have been following up on Seascape’s activities lately you must have heard of the new Riverboat NFTs.

Riverboat NFTs are NFTs exclusive to the Seascape Network, however, they are available on Moonriver. Riverboat NFTs are uniquely styled and designed full 3D boats. There are five (5) different builds of Riverboat NFTs they are; Fishing boat, Riverboat, Speedboat, Sailboat, and Yacht. Riverboat NFTs hold similar potentials like Scapes as such hodlers will be able to stake it to earn tokens. Asides from this, there are other possibilities that this token will bring which will be unlike anything in the Seascape metaverse.

How to participate

  • Make sure you claim Tier 0 over on the Lighthouse
  • You will need to hold at least one Scape and some amount of $RIB to be eligible. Go to SeaDex to get your hands on $RIB!
  • Head over to the Scape Store and vie for yours!
  • All sales will take place on the Moonriver chain, so users are advised to have MOVR in their wallet for gas fee transactions.

Wichita Sale

This has been a long time coming. Wichita is a Scape NFT on the Seascape Network tagged as a “zombie slayer” character. Wichita just like other NFTs of the Seascape Network is available in five (5) qualities Common, Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

The release of Wichita was with the prospect of “Zombie Farm” another game that will be the fifth DeFi game of the Seascape network. With the launch of this game close by, the fearless and the dauntless Wichita NFT is now available for purchase on Scape Store. Click here to visit the Scape store.

MSCP Farming Pools

If you participated in the $MSCP TGE, there is more you can do than just store up your $MSCP. Get your $MSCP tokens working for you by participating in the MSCP Farming & Staking Pool. There are two pools, the Single Token Staking Farm and the MOVR-MSCP LP farm.

The MSCP Single Token Staking Farm will be live till the 29th of January and offers 50k $CWS in rewards.

The MSCP-MOVR LP Farm offers a whopping 50m MSCP in Rewards and runs all the way till May.

To trade and maximize your earning using $MSCP, you need the following platforms.

SeaDex — SeaDex is the home for trading MSCP tokens on Moonriver. Trade pairs of MSCP-MOVR, MSCP-CWS, and MSCP-RIB. Visit SeaDex here

PancakeSwap — PancakeSwap is the location for trading MSCP tokens on BSC. Visit PancakeSwap here

Solar Beam — You can trade MSCP-MOVR and MOVR-CWS on solar beams. To create a pool visit solarbeam.io

Meter Passport — Meter passport is the location for bridging between the BSC and the Moonriver chain.

Important Note:

The MSCP token is available currently on MOVR and BSC.
MSCP Moonriver address:
MSCP BSC address:

Special Season Staking Saloon

The Seascape Network has released a Special Season of its third DeFi game Staking Saloon. This special season offers mouth watering rewards and will last till the end of January, giving out a whopping 50m in $MSCP rewards.

How the game works

For friends and fans of Seascape who are new to the Sheriff’s office, this is how the game works!

  • Get your Scapes ready.
  • Stake 1 to 3 Scapes of your choice in exchange for MSCP rewards!
  • Get extra rewards for special combos
  • Claim rewards, and burn your Scapes in the process!
  • Blow off your gun and start it again!

How to get Scapes

Before you can commence gameplay, ensure you have your scapes secured. Scapes can be purchased on the Scape store (Seascape’s marketplace) and also on DEXes like OpenSea, Treasureland, or BakerySwap. But the most fun way to get them is by playing NFT Brawl which is now live on Moonriver; where players can spend Crowns to get freshly minted Scapes! After this, you can proceed to the next stage of gameplay.

To play, ensure your crypto wallet is connected to your game. After this, the game automatically recognizes the Scapes in your wallet. For a better gaming experience, I recommend using Metamask or MathWallet. Asides from these, other wallets are compatible as well.

NFT Brawl S2 on Moonriver

Good news guys! Another season of NFT Brawl is here and it is live on the Moon. NFT Brawl is the second DeFi game of the Seascape Network where players stake tokens in rewards for Seascape unique NFTs called Scapes.

Details of the Season

This season is the second season of NFT Brawl on Moonriver and it will last for 30 days starting from the 7th of January when it went live. All Scapes minted in this season will be Generation 1 and this season offers 50 RIB in rewards.

The cooldown for the season is 30 minutes per minting and players will be able to only spend once in each minting; therefore, choose carefully the number of Crowns you would like to spend before you mint.

Your game, Your rules

Follow the links below to join Seascape’s community.

Website: www.seascape.network
Twitter: twitter.com/seascapenetwork
Discord: discord.io/SeascapeNetwork
Telegram: t.me/seascapenetwork
LinkedIn: bit.ly/2Km66f4
Reddit: bit.ly/2KiZb6d



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