Staking Saloon Coming Soon on Seascape Network.

Hurrah!!! In what seems to be the latest announcement in the blockchain space, seascape network has once again thrilled fans across the world in their latest announcement. Seascape fans across the Cryptosphere have been deep into the latest game to hit digital shelves, NFT Brawl, where players enter an underground lair and spend Crowns to get their hands on the hottest Scapes.

Recall that in its first week, thousands of Scapes have found their way into new home owing to its popularity. You might just be wondering what the future holds in terms of Seascape’s homebrewed NFTs, the answer is not far fetched. Just stick with me as I take you to the future.

Staking Saloon.

In the announcement made on the seascape network page, “The Staking Saloon is a game in which users stake Scapes of various power levels, based on quality, in order to rake in a shiny new stack of Crowns. Find the white-haired cowboy in his staking quarters and charm him with three Scapes of your choosing.

Scapes vary in quality and generation. Currently, the Scapes floating throughout the Seascape ecosystem are first generation. Future generations will give players further dimensions to toy with their power levels and manipulate the sheriff to dish out more Crowns”.

The seascape network

The seascape network is an ultimate game platform designed around the DeFi and NFT economy.

incentivized ecosystem consisting of gamers, developers, and influencers. By gamifying the decentralized finance and removing complex barriers, the Seascape Network allows users to seamlessly enter the world of blockchain games and decentralized finance.

In the seascape network, you’ll have the opportunity of choosing the game to play. Profit Circus is a game you stake LP tokens to earn CWS. NFT Brawl is a game you spend CWS to get scapes.

All you need to do is to connect your wallet and start an amazing experience in the network.


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Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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Luck shares

Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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