Seascape Network: Thrilling March Review.

The seascape network once more brings to you updates that will make your heart leap for joy.
All in the bid to revolutionize the decentralized finance space into the cryptosphere, the company has made massive upgrade and put in much energy to the mission and the result so far has been great. Today I bring to you some of the developments that had took place last month in the network.

On March 1st, the seascape network had announced its partnership with BakerySwap. This partnership led to the opening of a Stake and Bake event with the Binance Smart Chain DEX.
Celebrating the occasion, Seascape and BakerySwap went ahead to offer user rewards for their participation.
Following the tremendous success of the partnership, the network witnessed increase in the number of users ,followers and purchases of pCWS.

After a successful partnership, seascape pulled another giant feat when it opened its Profit Circus on BSC. The Profit Circus was the first ever highly successful game opened. Seascape network was pleased to announce the massive support the network got from fans across the world as they have enjoyed the LP mining DeFi game.

They gave highlight to enable fans get BLP, the LP tokens necessary to play Profit Circus on Binance Smart Chain which included:
First, users must go to Bakery Swap and use BNB to get pCWS, the official bridged token of the Seacape Network. Then, click on the conveniently located pool icon in the upper right, and to add liquidity to the CWS-BNB pair.

Now, with LP tokens in hand, users can head over to play Profit Circus, stake their new BLP tokens for some sweet APY on returns!

Some few days later, Seascape started a trading contest on OpenOcean inwhich users casted their nets and traded for huge pCWS rewards. The thrilling event lasted two weeks. OpenOcean is the entrance for one-stop crypto trading on DEXes and CEXes. They finds the best price and lowest slippage for traders on aggregated] DEXes and CEXes by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm.

Following the trading contest on OpenOcean was the launch of Scapes.
Have you ever considered hunting for your own national treasure like Nicholas Cage? Treasureland, gave the perfect platform to do so.

Treasureland — BSC NFT market under DEGO is the largest NFT Trading market on Binance Smart Chain. It has a complete NFT ecosystem including NFT Casting, Mining, Crafting, Auction, Trading, Trading and more.

Seascape further announced upcoming partnership with moonbeam after its launch on Scapes. The partnership with moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot was one of the greatest partnership which was tagged “out of the world partnership”. It was later explained that Seascape will be releasing several DeFi games on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in the early part of 2021, through a number of strategic partnerships. Their goal is to continue to expand to multiple chains, in the future allowing users to own and trade cross-chain assets while playing their favorite games.

Other thrilling events that took place within the period in review were more tasty partnerships, important releases, and lots more.

You can read in detail so as not to miss the details of every events on (

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