Seascape Network: All You Need To Know.

Hello, I guess you’re doing fine. Today I’ll be taking you round the fascinating network of seascape, to introduce you to things you’d know or things you might have forgotten. It will also be a great time the newbies to learn about the seascape network. All you need to do is sit tight with a chilled glass of water as I take you through this thrilling journey.

The seascape network
The seascape network is an ultimate game platform designed around the DeFi and NFT economy. It is an incentivized ecosystem consisting of gamers, developers, and influencers. By gamifying the decentralized finance and removing complex barriers, the Seascape Network allows users to seamlessly enter the world of blockchain games and decentralized finance.

In the seascape network, you’ll have the opportunity of choosing the game to play. Profit Circus is a game you stake LP tokens to earn CWS. NFT Brawl is a game you spend CWS to get scapes.
All you need to do is to connect your wallet and start an amazing experience in the network.

What Are Crowns?
Crowns are the official token of the Seascape Network. Going by the CWS ticker, Crowns follow the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum Mainnet. Crowns are designed to reward all key stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem, allowing players to experience the true power of DeFi gaming and the NFT economy in a fun and user-friendly way.

According to an article published on March 2nd, 2021. Seascape network launched
on the Binance Smart Chain. The expansion improved Seascape’s scalability, while also allowing it to remain connected to the value and liquidity of Ethereum.

Seascape network have had numerous partnerships which if listed here, will take a whole day journey around the partnership. I hope you’ve had a nice journey. To avoid fatigue, I leave with the promise to tell you more some other time.


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