Seascape Games — What’s Coming Next?

NFTs are becoming an increased topic of interest to crypto lovers. Asides from being a digital asset, the crypto sphere are interested in knowing the kind of value NFTs hold and their prospects. If you’re that interested in NFTs; then, this is for you. Matching your interest, you must have heard of Seascape? Fascinatingly, the name Seascape has been ringing bells in the Cryptosphere as of late, and there’s proof. Lots of people are signing up and the fan base is growing bigger. Well, here is why Seascape has become more of a fan magnet.

Seascape is a gaming platform with interests in DeFi and NFT economies. Its main aim is to incentivize gamers and developers. In line with this, Seascape has released a couple of DeFi games with in-game assets from which users can collateralize to earn. Within the first half of the year, the Seascape Network has successfully released three DeFi games — Profit Circus, NFT Brawl, and Staking Saloon. These games offer users the opportunity to mint and earn Scapes. And thus far, things are running smoothly. However, last month a new Scape (Placidus) was introduced on the platform as a character to feature in a proposed new game. Since then, we’ve seen excitement among the fans and a lot are eager to know WHAT’S NEXT. Oh Sorry! Newbie. You’ve got some questions there right, popping in your head. What is this? What is that? What do those stand for? …and no! Scapes are not food.😂 Please don’t think that again, thanks. Now, let’s get you acquainted with some basic terms here.

To get you girded and ready, you should know that on the Seascape Network terms such as NFT, Scapes are used frequently. That’s basically what Seascape is all about: and remember NFTs and NFT economies are the future. One day you’ll remember I said it✌. What then are Scapes and NFTs?

To make it simple, Scapes are NFTs. Uniquely, Scapes are the NFTs of the Seascape network. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain, under the smart contract ERC721. It has a total Supply of 32,794 SCAPES and a rising number of holders. Currently, it has about 7,117 addresses. It is important to know that each Scape has a name and personality unique to itself. All of these are shown in the character description on Opensea. They also have a quality that pertains to their rarity, which affects their worth on the market. You can find more information about Scapes here.

About NFTs, NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token and unless you’re very new to blockchain and cryptocurrencies you must’ve heard of it before. NFTs are digital assets encoded on a blockchain. It shows ownership of a set of rights or a unique digital asset. The technology of NFTs ensures uniqueness, indestructibility, and verifiability, among other traits; of each token. Due to its uniqueness and characteristic feature, it is always able to trace each token back to its origin on smart contracts or to a specific ecosystem. And NFT creators have leveraged the technology's dominant features/characteristics to create a broad range of unique digital assets. The basic thing to know about handling NFTs is that they can be collected, bought, sold, and traded and this can be quite profitable.

Having cleared that, let’s join the fan base with the excitement and hype — WHAT IS REALLY NEXT?🤔🤔

For all gamers and NFT lovers “Glad tidings! I bring ye from the city of Rome” as I introduce to you SCAPE FORUM 😁😁😁

Feel the Poweeeeeeeeeer!!!💪💪


Scape Forum is a proposed game exclusive to the Seascape Network. On its release, it is will be Seascape’s Fourth Modular DeFi game. Its model/design is set in the ancient city of Rome. Get ready NFT lovers, pack your bags, buckle your sandals, get your “togas” and “tunics” on, we are going to Rome; as we get ready for this brand new NFT burning game. Scape Forum will be available to run on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Features of Scape Forum

Like Seascape’s other games, users can combine Scapes to mint generation 0 scapes and higher quality Scapes! Additionally, users can burn specific combinations to get the newest Scape “The purse-lipped senator Placidus!” Users can also stake CWS to guarantee higher quality Scapes that can be used in other Seascape NFT games. To read about Scapes and the quality of Scapes, click here.

Game Guide

  • Find combos to get your ideal Roman Scapes.
  • Purchase missing Scapes from top NFT markets.
  • Remember to stake Crowns to get the biggest band for your buck!
  • Staking bonuses carry throughout the entire Season.

This Roman series is taking over the crypto sphere and this is only the beginning. Get in early to earn maximum rewards. Links will be available to play on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Don’t miss out!

As we anticipate the release, stay tuned. Follow Seascape on all their Social Media handles using the links below:




Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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