Profit Circus IV is Live on Seascape

Howdy! Fans and members of Seascape. I bring you glad tidings from Seascape. Seascape just launched the fourth season of its first DeFi game. Yeah, that’s right! The circus is back! What a bang!💃🏿💃🏿🕺🏼

For our new friends, here are some things to know about Profit Circus.

Overview of Profit Circus

Profit Circus is the First of Seascape’s initial three Defi games. In the Profit Circus, users can stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns that are proportionate to the amount staked over a period.

The game is powered by BSC and ETH. By this, I mean it runs on both the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Mainnet. Furthermore, there’s a new series of Profit Circus asides from the seasons that get released on BSC and ETH. This began after a successful partnership with the Moonbeam Network.

On Seascape now, we have two series of Profit Circus available. One which runs on BSC and ETH and the other which runs on Moonbeam through Moonriver.

This can be mixed up and confusing for our new friends and for some others who don’t have full information of the great moon flight Seascape took partnering with Moonbeam.

About Moonriver

Here’s a brief summary of Moonriver, so we can know what’s really going on in the network. Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam. It operates as an experimental blockchain for Moonbeam and is used to test features and codes of new projects using real economic conditions.

Moonbeam is the parent network of Moonriver. It is a Polkadot Parachain primarily designed for Developers. Moonbeam simplifies the developer experience by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot, including scalability, cross-chain integrations, and on-chain governance.

Using the special compatibility feature of Moonbeam, Seascape has been able to launch its games on Polkadot via Moonriver. Read more on Seascape’s partnership with Moonbeam here.

Back to Profit Circus. 😊😊


The previous seasons of the game have seen users bag plenteous rewards. From statistics, it is seen that there’s an increasing trend of rewards that comes with each season. The first season started off by offering 25k CWS and the last season saw a whopping 60k CWS in rewards. You can just imagine how much more you’ll be getting with the fourth season. You dare not miss out on this. Not for anything!


All characters earned in Profit Circus are Seascape’s exclusive NFTs called Scapes. These NFTs are, particularly to the Seascape Network. Currently, there are six (6) different characters of Gen 0, Gen 1, and Gen 2 common quality, minted on 2 different chains, ETH and BSC, via the Profit Circus game. These characters are also available in different qualities and power.

Scape Power

Scapes differ in power and this is proportional to the reward it brings when staked.

Scape Power Distribution

The scapes featured in the first season of the game are Generation 0 (Gen 0) scapes, Scapes featured in the second season are Generation 1 (Gen 1) scapes, and the scapes featured in the previous season of the game which is the third season are Generation 2 (Gen 2) scapes. The lower the generation of a scape the higher its value. This means the new generation’s power in games will be half that of the previous generation.

Description of the game

Workings of the game

Profit Circus IV

Once again, welcome to the fourth season of the Profit Circus. This season offers 90 days in the Circus. What a show! Are you even ready? For the fans and all the newbies, I know you’re all eager to know what’s in store for the season. Hereinbelow are details of the season.


  • 90 days of a circus act
  • Double Staking Pool
  • 60k CWS in rewards
  • Available on BSC

Details of the Season

The fourth season of the Circus act on the Seascape Network has kicked off and it is staying alive for 90 days. Ready your wallets!

This season features two pools one large pool and a single staking pool. In the large pool, users can stake pCWS-BNB LP tokens obtained from PancakeSwap. Stake at least 1 LP or 100 CWS to get a free Scape!

In the second pool which is the single staking pool, users can stake Crowns in exchange for more Crowns. Stake BNB-CWS or CWS in exchange for Crowns rewards!


The LP token staking pool offers 50k CWS in rewards! You dare not miss. The single token staking offers 10k CWS in rewards! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to the Profit Circus on BSC now!

Also, anticipate Profit Circus on Ethereum and Moonriver soon!




Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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Luck shares

Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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