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A phenomenal week we have had so far and a more phenomenal yuletide this will be. Howdy Moonscapers! Recently, we have had our minds blown with all the series of activities going on within the Seascape and Moonscape community. First, we had the Lighthouse IDO launch then we had the $MSCP Token Generation Event. Thrilling, isn’t it? Gladly, there is more to come.

As we anticipate the launch of Seascape’s Lighthouse first IDO project — Moonscape Game, this article will fill you in on all the recent activities we’ve had relating to the Moonscape token and also some other activities yet to come.

To bring you up to date on our most recent activity, MSCP Token Generation Event for the upcoming Moonscape game. Listed below are some of the activities that ensued the launch.

$MSCP Airdrop

Since the TGE, we have had distributions of MSCP. The beneficiaries are contributors of the auction pool Tier 1 contributors, Tier 2 contributors, Tier 3 contributors, and private funders.

MSCP Trading and Staking

With MSCP there is a lot you can do to maximize your earning. Currently, there is a massive pool party with a pool size big enough to contain all citizens of the moon. Yeah, I’m talking about Moonscapers. You should be walking on air right now. 🥰🥰

All Lighthouse pools will have the opportunities to earn in two pools. For MSCP, we still have ongoing, the Single Token Staking Farm and the MOVR-MSCP LP farm.

The MSCP Single Token Staking Farm runs for 60 days (i.e till the 29th of December) and offers 50k $CWS in rewards.

The MSCP-MOVR LP Farm offers a whopping 50m MSCP in Rewards and runs all the way till May. Such a thrilling ride it’ll be.

To trade and maximize your earnings using $MSCP, you need the following platforms.

SeaDex — SeaDex is the home for trading MSCP tokens on Moonriver. Trade pairs of MSCP-MOVR, MSCP-CWS, and MSCP-RIB. Visit SeaDex here 👇

PancakeSwap — PancakeSwap is the location for trading MSCP tokens on BSC. Visit PancakeSwap here 👇

Solar Beam — You can trade MSCP-MOVR and MOVR-CWS on solar beam. To create a pool visit

Meter Passport — Meter passport is the location for bridging between the BSC and the Moonriver chain.

Important Note:

The MSCP token is available currently on MOVR and BSC.
MSCP Moonriver address:
MSCP BSC address:

Upcoming Events

NFT Sales

The fun has only just begun as you are yet to explore more features involving $MSCP.

Asides from all the aforementioned, we are hosting a sale of limited edition Moonscape NFTs! These are NFTs of cities in the Moonscape game that you can utilize to start your empire of fame and dominance and also maximize your earnings.

Get ready, a total of 100 NFTs will go out on sale, 20 for each scape quality peculiar to Seascape. You had better not miss out on this.

One important update to keep in mind is that we will not issue Allocation NFTs for the MSCP Token. We intend to keep this NFT mechanism around in the future; however, we will not use it for the Moonscape project. Instead, we introduced the MSCP airdrops where the winners were sent the amount owed to them directly through their wallet addresses.

Moonscape Beta Release

Moonscape, the upcoming resource management strategy DeFi game exclusively on Moonbeam, will soon go into Closed Beta. Participating in the ongoing farms, especially LP farming, and also holding Moonscape NFTs will bring yet another awesome benefit.

This Closed Beta will have actual opportunities to earn and will be open to those who are highly active in this early phase. This will include many of the options listed in this article, such as staking, farming, and purchasing Moonscape city NFTs.

The best way to be ready for the future is to act now. Get out there and stake, hodl, provide liquidity, and get NFTs! The more you participate in these, the more earning potential you will definitely have.

Stay woke.

Follow up for regular updates on Seascape and Moonscape.

You can also follow Seascape using the following links.

About Moonscape

Moonscape is the world’s first resource management DeFi strategy game. The ultimate objective is to survive and thrive on a hostile moon while earning profit for your effort and cunning! In the game, players scramble for limited resources to develop their burgeoning cities. In the quest for domination, players can plunder rival cities and collaborate with friendly ones.

About Seascape

Seascape is a game-oriented network on the blockchain. It uses core concepts and technologies on the blockchain to promote blockchain games. These technologies include but are not limited to, DeFi, crypto-tokenization, NFTs, etc.

Their vision is to make gamers (players and developers) benefit from the time and effort invested into games. Thus their model for games, and their drive for future gaming, centers around incentivization.




Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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