Gaming activities generally, before now, were developed for users or gamers to derive excitement and fun while playing them. It was developed in such a way that only game developers can earn from it. To an extent, gamers will have to make payments in order to unlock some certain level of the game. This system of gaming offered game lovers nothing but the fun it accompanies.

Thanks to a dedicated team of developers and smart programmers who diligently worked for the advancement of gaming ecosystem, explore the platform, and effect change by giving reward to users. This dedicated team that aims to change and modify gaming activities is the seascape network.


Briefly, let us have some background knowledge of what the seascape network is all about. Seascape network, an incentivized gaming platform has impacted significantly on the gaming ecosystem. This spans through designing the ecosystem to center around the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible tokens (NFT) economies, unleashing the power of DeFi, permitting game lovers to play and earn rewards, and even establish an interface where both users and developers can profit in the course of gaming and developing.

Furthermore, the seascape network has been on the aim of piloting DeFi gaming to the next level through expanding an audience that will allow users to access the DeFi without any form of discord. This has placed them in a position of strategic business partnerships with diverse crypto exchanges and investment firms like Binance smart chain, LD capital, DAO maker, PAKA funds, Hillrise capital, Nabais partners, and hosts of others.


Following the recent trends in the game staking salon, the seascape network provides an avenue for users to merge and stake different NFTs. This allows them to yield crowns and add value to the seascape economy.

Moreover, a balance is created between the spending of crowns yielded and staking of NFT. To achieve this, any staked NFT will accumulate rewards that can only be claimed by burning that NFT which in turn demands spending of crowns in order to reproduce a new NFT. These NFTs can be staked for real revenue.


With revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem, seascape’s aim is to make NFTs an integral part of the DeFi economy by modeling it into financial assets, that is, generating massive earnings for their users.

However, the future of NFTs in the seascape network goes beyond empowering developers and users. NFTs as financial assets can be grown to an interface with appropriate architecture to place value on anything exchanged on the blockchain.

In all, the seascape is an ardent supporter of the future of NFTs.


Roadmap involves the laid down plans and strategies executed in order to attain a particular aim. The seascape roadmap is that which defines the establishment of the ecosystem, launching of different game staking stores, announcement, and release of different communities among others. It also explains the future of this ultimate gaming platform.

Seascape roadmap is highlighted below based on the quarter of a particular year development is made.

In July 2020, Blocklords 2.0 was released. This version of Blocklords was developed on the ethereum blockchain to help users access some game features with lesser charges and speed up the gaming momentum.

In February 2021, the crowns token, an official token of the seascape network was launched. These crown tokens are designed as rewards to gamers and developers within the seascape network. It is an ethereum token (ERC-20) denoted by the ticker, CWS. With crowns, some products can be bought on the scape store and you can as well mint and trade standard seascape NFTs.

In March 2021, while trying to revel in the launch of seascape’s official token, the seascape DeFi system was launched. This launch promised to be versatile in that the gaming system is mainly decentralized with a DeFi economy.

During the second quarter of 2021, seascape begins polkadot/Kusama integration. The main goal of this project is to link different blockchain through polkadot. Thus bringing the seascape network to the outside world.

In the third quarter of 2021, an announcement on Blocklords 3D and new VR IP will be made by seascape. This announcement would be made on the improvement of certain features that will enhance the experience of gamers on the system. This experience will be quite salutary in that there will be an upgrade from the 2D features of Blocklords to 3Ds.

While enjoying the Blocklords 3D features, the fourth quarter of 2021 will come with amazing improvement on the seascape, this improvement would be the launching scape game store. This launch will be user-friendly and game developers will develop games at no cost. Definitely, the fourth quarter of 2021 is going to be uniquely wonderful!!!!!

The year 2022 aims to be better owing to the release of the seascape Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile, console, and PC platforms in the second quarter of the year. This development promises to ease the creation of games and improve certain gaming functionalities.

In the second and third quarters of 2022, seascape would be releasing its multiChain Hub. In all, seascapes will bring DeFi, NFTs to the world.




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Luck shares

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. Content creator.

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