Details of the Structures on the Lighthouse Platform

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The Lighthouse is a brand new launchpad IDO focused on DeFi gaming, allows users to fund exciting new projects to bring them to fruition.

With the set up of The Lighthouse, a new project has been birth and this is Lighthouse’s first IDO project — Moonscape.

This project is designed and staged on a futuristic moon where the player's scout for resources to build and defend their burgeoning cities. Blockchain concepts such as DeFi and NFT economies are incorporated into the making of the game. This game is in its development stage and is set for launch soon.
With the Moonscape Game IDO around the corner, here’s a run-through of the Lighthouse IDO Platform Tiers, Random allotments, and Auction pool!

The Lighthouse Tier

Starting with the tier system, we have different tiers and each tier has a different requirement. There are five (5) tiers, the lowest being -1 and runs higher arithmetically up to Tier 3.

Features of the Tiers

As you advance in the tier, some benefits and functionalities become available for you. For example, Tier 1 and above are eligible for allotments and auctions! And as you claim higher tiers, the claim spend increases.

Note that Tier allotments and details vary depending on the project. Here’s a breakdown of the different tiers and it’s functionalities

Tier -1

By signing up with your email, you will have Tier -1. There are no rights that come with this Tier, but you will receive an email encouraging you to continue with the signup process.

Tier 0

Having this Tier will allow you access to IDO project token airdrop, as well as alert you to upcoming IDO projects. For it, you will need to have registered your email address, own at least one Scape of any type, and own at least 0.01 RIB. It will cost 1 CWS on MOVR to claim this Tier.

Tier 1

This is the lowest Tier eligible for the Random Allotment. For it, you will need to have bought at least 1 NFT from the Scape Store, own 100 $CWS on any chain, own 5 Scapes of any generation, and own 0.1 RIB. It will cost 5 CWS on MOVR to claim this Tier.

Tier 2

This is the second-highest level for the Random Allotment. For it, you will need to have purchased at least 10 NFTs from the Scape Store, own 10 CWS-MOVR LP tokens from SeaDex, own 1 Epic Scape of any generation, and own 3 Gen-0 Scapes of any quality. It will cost 10 CWS on MOVR to claim this Tier.

Tier 3

This is the highest possible Tier available for the Random Allotment. For it, you will need to have bought or sold at least 25 NFTs from the Scape Store, own at least 1 $RIB, at least one Legendary Scape of any generation, and 5 Gen-0 Scapes of any quality. It will cost 20 CWS on MOVR to claim this Tier.

Random Allotments

The principle of the allotment is simple. The higher your tier, the higher the allotment amount you will have access to.

Users can fund varying amounts in the Random Allocation, the first round of funding for a Lighthouse project. During the Random Allocation, users are divided into Tiers based on their participation within the Seascape Network ecosystem. Higher Tiers are allowed to fund a greater amount during the Random Allocation.

Since allotments operate on a random-based mechanism, higher tiers will have more chances of receiving any of the three possible allotments!

By rewarding highly active users of the Seascape ecosystem with higher allocation amounts, Crowns, the universal token of the Seascape network, used to back the tokens of Lighthouse projects, will also strengthen liquidity and value. Thus, all hodlers of the CWS token are able to benefit.

Now for the auction pool, if you are not selected in any of the allotment rounds, you can bid for tokens (but only once). You will receive tokens proportional to the percentage of the pool you own.

The Lighthouse auction pool is unique in that all interested and qualified parties will have the opportunity to fund the project to whatever extent is available to them. In the lighthouse, no one leaves empty-handed!

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an IDO launchpad with a focus on DeFi gaming and usability for game developers. On the Lighthouse, you can find new, interesting gaming projects that you can support through funding, which in turn will generate rewards and profit for your effort.

This will make new projects have the funding they need to release new games that will be unique with their own token, backed by the Crowns token.

Final Thoughts

The Lighthouse assures that it isn’t like most IDO platforms, hence they won’t launch and forget. The Lighthouse takes great care of the projects launched, ensuring that it remains integrated into the ecosystem & receives constant support! ✌️



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